Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a buy in Bang Khae
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Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a buy in Bang Khae
Buy Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a
Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a

Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a

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Thailand, Bang Khae
Technical characteristics
  • BrandBattery
Battery Ultrasonic Reconditioner BatteryCare Desulfator 12V 20 A.
Batterysulfation takes place when a lead-acid battery discharges.
The lead from the plates combines with the electrolyte (dilute
sulphuric acid) to make lead sulfate. When the battery is recharged
this process is reversed however, some of the lead sulphate will
crystalise on the lead plates. The deeper the battery is
discharged, the more the lead sulphate is likely to crystalise
acting as an insulator and reducing the plate area in contact with
electrolyte. Over time this build up of lead sulphate crystals will
kill the battery. Reconditioning a Lead Acid Battery
Desulfation(also know as Reconditioning) offers a way for dead
batteries to be brought back to life and for tired batteries to be
rejuvenated. Desulfation will not bring batteries with a shorted
cell, or worn out plates back to their former glory, but it is a
valuable tool for anyone depending on battery storage for power who
cannot afford to buy new batteries. When lead sulphate crystals
build up on the lead plates, it is not an easy task to remove them
and thereby recondition the battery. As more and more
crystallisation occurs, the voltage required to shift the crystals
(dissolving them back into the electrolyte) also increases. But, if
you were to put a constant high voltage through the battery it
would overheat and could potentially explode. Pulse conditioning is
therefore used to ensure that only the sulphate crystals are
affected and the battery does not overheat. Every lead acid battery
has a resonant frequency. If sufficiently pulses of electricity
(high frequency, high voltage, but low power) are sent into the
battery, rhythmic beating (resonance) of the plates causes the
crystalline deposits to break up and the sulphate returns to the
electrolyte solution. This process can take a matter or weeks
during which time the battery must be trickle charged (in parallel
with the desulphator) so that the battery ends up reconditioned and
fully charged. Note that the voltage measured across the battery
terminals will drop as the desulphation takes place as the internal
resistance of the cells is reduced by the clearing of the crystals
on the lead plates. BatteryCare Desulfator utilized this technique
to recondition the sulfated or dead lead-acid battery.
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Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a
Battery Reconditioner / Desulfator 12v 30a
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